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Linkster Therapeutics raises the bar on in vivo antibody development to create precision medicines for the right target, the right tissue & the right patient.


Precision medicine holds promise of a healthier society and creates targeted therapies for serious and chronic diseases. However, some targeted therapies are more targeted than others. Often, patients are devastated by the absence of a therapy or experience incomplete cure.

For this reason, Linkster Therapeutics aims at transforming targeted therapy with translational antibody engineering in tissue and living organisms. In fact, our unique Flycode® platform profiles large pools of peptide barcoded antibodies in vitro, in vivo and in silico. As a result, we innovate pharmacology profiling and accelerate the development of antibody drugs to create the next generation of precision medicines.
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We revolutionise drug development with translational antibody engineering, in vivo & in high-throughput.
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We ensure targeted delivery to the disease site and avoid off-target effects.
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We perform pharmacology profiling 500-times faster and right at the start of early discovery.


Antibody researchers in every laboratory worldwide are trying to translate potent in vitro candidates to the clinic, one at a time. This often fails because molecules are engineered in vitro and are only much later tested in vivo. As a result, a massive number of candidates is generated that accumulate poorly in target organs and enrich in off-target organs unexpectedly high.

Linkster Therapeutics removes this translational bottleneck with superior in vivo platform technology. Important for this transformation are our advanced targeting strategies for tissue-specific delivery. Also, we excel to create conformation-specific antibody candidates against cell surface targets such as GPCRs and SLC transporters. Key remains our translational antibody engineering technology based on Flycode® peptide barcodes. It allows us to remove unwanted events of drug penetration into unwanted tissues. And it translates antibody design into candidates with higher efficacy, better dosing windows and toxicity.

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