We act in the service of science to develop a new generation of targeted therapeutics for patients with illnesses that have no good treatment.

how we work.

At Linkster Therapeutics, we are passion and purpose driven. We strive to bring unique skills, opinions and perspectives from all around the globe together. As a team, we embrace new ideas and a spirit of collaborative curiosity and exploration.

We aim high and focus on key results. To keep our well-being a vital source of energy and passion, we vigorously campaign for prioritisation. We surface issues and are comfortable with incompletion to keep the pace and performance high. We believe in a culture of sharing immediate feedback to strengthen learning, self-awareness and to grow on our tasksBecause we trust, it leads to a strong mindset and to amazing solutions for the most challenging problems.


Form tumor-targeting to conditional target-specific drug.

in vivo & in tissue engineering

Tayloring biodistribution & pharmacokinetics in a new way.


Smart processes improve design and decision.

our passion.

Science and collaboration is at our heart. Our team of researchers has a 15 year track record solving fundamental questions for membrane protein targets integral for health and disease. We continue growing our target biology know-how and strive at maturing smart antibody library design and in vivo 3R antibody engineering. Moreover, we are masters of advanced targeting strategies and create precision medicines with superior tissue-specificity, multi-specificity and conditionality for micro-environments.

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