Linkster Therapeutics uses its peptide barcodes to measure where & how antibodies show effect in living organisms, in tissue micro-environments, on protein & on cells.


Linkster Therapeutics removes one of the key bottlenecks in drug development with translational antibody engineering. To generate the next generation of targeted therapeutics, we improve pharmacology-related properties and the tissue-specific delivery of antibodies. To do so, we label thousands of candidates with our revolutionary Flycode® peptide barcodes, similar to barcoded products in a supermarket. We then follow all candidates in various experiments simultaneously. And bring meaning to the data using powerful in silico methods.

The worldwide exclusive Flycode® technology enables a whole new ecosystem for antibody profiling and engineering. At its heart are genetically encoded peptide barcodes designed for optimal detection by mass spectrometry. For engineering and screening in vitro and in vivo, each candidate receives a different peptide barcode. This way, we perform multiplex screening on very large pools of antibody candidates in one single experiment. As a result, every candidate within the pool is individually characterised for its unique properties.

3R: replace, refine, reduce



Candidates in one batch for all experiments


Analysis for all parameters from all assays


For tissue, target, type of cell



The novel Flycode® concept is at the leading edge of antibody engineering technology. Thousands of candidates and even more candidate parameters are measured in parallel in every experiment. Consequently, data collection for molecular properties, multi-specificity and pharmacology at the start of a drug campaign is now possible. This empowers, in turn, in silico analysis with an incredible impact on decision making and novel designs. 

Flycode® assays blend in perfectly with classical triaging at any stage of the drug development process. As a novel concept for in vivo screening, it reduces the involvement of life massively and respects 3R values in an exceptional way. At the same time, classical triaging is revolutionised, because Flycodes offer an unprecedented level of parallelisation and throughput. Better data quality at an earlier time combined with in silico design empowers novel antibody engineering and precision medicine development.


What you need to know about Flycode® technology

It enables identifying the candidate with the best pharmacology, best pharmacokinetic profile and best targeting properties using high-throughput in vivo engineering and in silico analysis.

It adds Flycode® peptide barcodes to thousands of antibodies of any format. All candidates are expressed and purified in one batch. Then, the batch is directly used in various screens on protein, cells, in tissue or in living organism. Finally, Flycode® are analysed using advanced bioinformatics methods and candidates with the ideal properties can be selected.
Biggest advantage is high-throughput in vivo antibody engineering. First, it reduces the involvement of animals an incredible 500-fold (3R). Second, it rationalises the improvement of in vivo antibody features and with it safety, toxicity and dosing. Third, Flycode® peptide barcodes follow antibodies through every stage of experiments. Parallelisation and in silico comparison of all parameters and designs without time-consuming and attrition-rich triaging improves decision making and lowers the risk of failure.

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