Linkster Therapeutics combines smart library design with unique selection know-how to discover conformation-selective antibodies.


Linkster Therapeutics holds industry’s leading platform for conformation-specific single domain antibodies. Originating from a University of Zurich and big pharma collaboration, the Sybody® platform fully enables previously intractable drug targets. Within 3 weeks, even GPCRs and SLC transporters are enabled under entirely controlled screening conditions. Consequently, limited accessible target surface areas, conformational flexibility, target instability or transient and toxic ligand target complexes are no longer hurdles in antibody discovery. 

In a next step, our team of researchers improved the library design. We added in silico methods and implemented a robust, future-proof discovery engine. Up to the present time, unique families of Sybodies were identified for 100% of the more than 30 academic, biotech and big pharma projects. In April 2020, Linkster Therapeutics and co-founder Prof. Dr. Seeger at the University of Zurich generated Sybodies against the receptor binding domain of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein for the development of an inhalable prophylaxis against COVID-19.

Smart-engineered VHH domains

100% successful for all targets including GPCRs & SLC transporters.

3 shape libraries cover all epitopes
>75°C stable, 10¹² diverse, nM to pM specific & conformation selective.
Selection for all purpuses

Full control over all selection conditions & the overall generation process

3 week process

Faster timelines, higher quality, increased diversity & reduced risk of failure


Sybodies are VHH antibodies inspired by nature and improved by science. Importantly, Sybodies are very stable and highly specific for their drug targets. Also, they are very sensitive to the therapeutically relevant conformation of the target. Therefore, Sybodies are excellent therapeutic molecules that feature highest stability and unique physicochemical properties.

On the positive side also stands an optimal ratio of variability versus size. Sybodies are 10-fold smaller than antibodies. Consequently, they penetrate tissue very effectively and form the ideal basis as tissue-specific therapeutics. In addition, Sybodies have proven to be the perfect research tools for mode of action studies, screening, as diagnostics, biomarkers or chaperones for crystallisation or cryo-electron microscopy.


What you need to know about Sybody®

It identifies conformation-specific, stabilising single domain antibodies with very high affinity for even the most delicate drug targets including GPCRs & SLC transporters.

The method uses purified target protein and combines ribosome display with phage display of three shape libraries containing engineered and stabilised single domain antibodies.

Key advantages are the (i) access to previously intractable drug targets and (ii) to disease-specific conformations, (iii) the speed of 3 weeks and (iv) the truly tangible library diversity.

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