Three ways how Linkster Therapeutics impacts business.


We transform the targeted therapeutics perspective. As a matter of fact, we engineer tissue-specific delivery into antibodies and profile entire pools of drug candidates. We do this simultane-ously, in vivo, in silicoin vitro and in high-throughput.
Different from other approaches, we reduce the involvement of animal life 500-fold (3R) and bring better molecules to the patient.

Big Pharma.

We have a track record in successful partnering with big pharma to tackle the ‘high hanging fruit’ targets: membrane proteins. In fact, we possess deep target know-how and the most state-of-the-art technologies for GPCRs and SLC transporters. In addition, we innovated for a more robust and faster antibody discovery product to generate better drug candidates.


We provide deep understanding in lead discovery. Partners benefit from antibodies specific for targets and cell types. For this reason, we employ novel cell screening technology for antibodies that are extremely difficult to get from classical methods. One example includes serogroup-specific antibodies for Legionella pneumophilia.

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