Our Team.

Iwan Zimmermann


Roger Dawson


Our Expertise.

Biology & Synthesis
The basics for drug discovery

As pioneers for membrane protein research, we understand the biology, the production of tough targets & of any antibody drug format using our optimized workflows.
Candidate identification
You get what you select for.

Our immunization & display experience helps us determine what's next, evolving our Sybody strategies to identify best, potent & conformation-selective antibodies.
Characterize & Screen
Giving direction.

We are raising the bar & eliminate classical triaging by using our revolutionary Flycode screening technology to include pre-clinical development from the start.
Preclinical development
In vivo drug discovery revolution.

Our team of Flycode champions optimizes the in vivo properties of clinical candidates with a throughput of hundreds of antibodies in just 1 animal.
Partner excellence
Bridging innovation.

The world isn't short on ideas & cutting-edge research that we understand, value & implement seamlessly in our processes or perform together with our strong partners.
Therapeutic efficacy
The patients benefit is our ambition.

We create key experiments & tangible results to determine the therapeutic performance of candidates, advocate for or against them & mitigate occurring risks.
Linkster Therapeutics is a university spin-off
in Zurich, Switzerland.

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